Pay At Counter

Pay At Counter

Pay At Counter

A new feature for RTS and the RTS App called "Pay At Counter" allows a customer to give a manual payment code or scannable QR code to your cashier so they can make purchases without physically presenting their credit card or gift card.
It will automatically add them to the transaction depending on which code is given.
As of current, if the customer has a monetary balance on the gift/loyalty/reward card added to the transaction, it will automatically default to using the balance on the gift card BEFORE using the credit card to complete the transaction.
If a gift/reward/loyalty card has been stored, it will ALWAYS add them to the transaction when using Pay At Counter.
It works from the top down based on the dropdown menu on the App.
If the Credit Card is at the top and the Gift Card is below it, choosing the Credit Card will enter both cards into the transaction.
If the Credit Card is at the top and the Gift Card is below it, selecting the Gift Card will only input the Gift Card into the transaction.

Activating/Deactivating Pay At Counter

The option to turn on or turn off Pay At Counter is located in your App Configuration settings in RTS.
Navigate to Setup -> Mobile App -> App Configuration

Make sure you are in the following tabs:
Main Settings -> Other
Under Mobile Payment Types, you will see the option to enable or disable Pay At Counter.

After enabling or disabling this feature, you will need to restart the Internet Server on your RTS Server Computer.
Instructions on how to do this can be found here:

Using Pay At Counter - The App Side

While on the App, either on browser or mobile, the customer has to be signed in with their account. 
Clicking on the Circular Icon with a figure inside will open the sign-in window.

If they do not already have an account created to sign in with, they will need to Register and create an account.
Once signed in, they will be able to pull up the Pay At Counter feature using the Options/Settings icon (also commonly referred to as the Hamburger Menu Icon).

Upon selecting Pay At Counter, the App will check and see if there are any credit cards used while this account was signed in, and also it will check RTS to see if there are any Registered Loyalty/Rewards Cards that match the email used to sign in with.
If nothing appears and it simply asks them to login, then the customer likely does not have any cards that have been stored for this account/email.
They can make a purchase while signed in to store a payment card with the account. They will have to have their account email registered to their loyalty/rewards accounts if no gift cards appear.

If the customer has any cards that fall under the categories above, they will appear in the dropdown box and can be selected.
The customer can provide the 6 digit payment code to be manually entered in at the POS, or they can provide the QR code if the location has a QR compatible barcode scanner.
This 6 digit payment code/QR payment code will expire after 5 minutes.

The Stored Payment options appear during the checkout process, so if the customer wishes to remove their stored payment, or add a new stored payment, they can access it when going through the purchase process.

In order to remove or edit the Stored Payment, selecting the Edit button (the Icon that resembles a Pencil) will allow them to make those changes.

If the customer wishes to have a Stored Payment, once they finish the checkout process while signed in it will prompt with a request to store their payment method for this feature.

Using Pay At Counter - Cashier/POS Side

If a customer comes in and wants to use their Pay At Counter option, it can be done very easily for your cashiers.
At some point before you finish the transaction, the option to enter the Pay At Counter code can be found as follows:

Selling Screen -> Menu -> Pay With Code

A new window will appear, prompting the Cashier to enter the payment code or to scan the QR code provided by the customer.

This will enter the payment methods and gift cards into the transaction.

To finish the payment with the Credit Card in the transaction, simply hit Pay Credit as if you were finishing a normal Credit Card purchase.

The payment will then complete as normal.

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