Restarting The Internet Server - How To And Why

Restarting The Internet Server - How To And Why

Restarting The Internet Server

Certain actions in RTS will require, or be quickened, by a restart of the internet server.
This process restarts a background service that runs in Windows on your RTS Server computer and does not actually restart the server computer itself.
This can only be done on the RTS Server, as doing it on any other machine or workstation will have no effect.
When you do this process, your webpages and schedule information will go offline for 5 to 10 seconds as RTS goes through the restart process with the background service.

Why Restart The Internet Server?

There are many reasons why you would want to go through the process of Restarting The Internet Server
  1. Did you just create new showtimes or make changes to already published showtimes and want them to show up online faster or you are not seeing them show up online? Restarting the internet server will refresh the schedule information and push those showtimes to your RTS-provided webpages faster.  It will also make them available for third-party APIs like Fandango and BoxOffice to be able to pull faster as well. Keep in mind that third parties do take longer to publish schedule changes than RTS.
  2. You are having issues with your digital signage showing up on your Chromecasts? Restarting the internet server will send new discovery signals to those Chromecasts over the network and refresh the images that are appearing on them. This can assist in troubleshooting issues with signage greatly.
  3. Anything dealing with online ticketing essentially can be refreshed by restarting the internet server.

How To

First, make sure you are on the RTS Server.
You can tell if you are by looking at the information shown at the top of the screen when RTS is open. 
It will say either Server or Workstation depending.
We are looking for the Server specifically.

Once you have confirmed you are on the RTS Server, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to File -> Other -> Switch To -> Internet Server -> Click on Restart Internet Server

You will get a confirmation window that pops up showing you that Sent=True.
This means that the command has been sent to do the restart and it has been positively acknowledged as successful.
What is left is a running log.  This does NOT stop, so when finished you can close the window.

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