Refunding Via The Mobile App/Desktop App

Refunding Via The Mobile App/Desktop App

How To Refund Purchases On The Mobile App/Desktop App

Some theatres using the RTS Mobile App have the ability to allow refunds on purchases made.
This article will show, in detail, how to go through the RTS Mobile App to refund a transaction.

How To Process Your Refund

Refunds must be done on the SAME DEVICE that the purchase was made on.
Most locations require a User Account signed in to process a Refunds, but some may not.
If you know the theatre allows Refunds but you do not see the option, make sure you are signed in.
Refunds are NOT IMMEDIATE and the time it takes to process the refund can vary depending on the card processors and banks involved.
The average take it takes for a refund to be processed usually falls around 1 to 3 days.

With the above notes in mind, these are the steps you can go through to process your refund.

1.) Open up the Menu using the 3 White Lines in the top right corner.
This is sometimes referred to as a "Hamburger Menu" due to the it's resemblance to a hamburger.

2.) Selection Purchases under the Transaction group.

3.) You should see the purchases you've made on this device and can select Refund Purchase.
If Refund Purchase doesn't appear, make sure you are signed in and the theatre allows customer-facing refunds on their Mobile App.

4.) You will have a prompt appear with the details of the refund asking you to Confirm the Refund.
If the details look correct, you can click/tab Accept. If they do not, you may need to find out the Refund Policy for the theatre.

5.) Once you click/tap Accept, it will attempt to process your Refund and let you know when it is done.

6.) The purchase will now show as Refunded in the Purchases area.

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