Gmail Setup For Ticketing And Gift Card Emails

Gmail Setup For Ticketing And Gift Card Emails

Setup Gmail App Password

You can use a Gmail account to send internet ticketing confirmation emails and online gift card purchase confirmation emails.
There is some configuration that must be done for the account and inside of RTS. 
This article will detail all of the configuration that must be done.

Configuring The Gmail Account For Use

Step One: 2-Step Verification

Follow the instructions using the link above to enable 2-Step Verification on the Gmail account.

If the location is does not have an account but has their own domain email hosted by Gmail, then you have to enable Dual-Factor from the admin account for that domain,
  1. To do so log into the admin account and go to the Admin Console, then go to Menu -> Security -> Authentication -> 2-Step Verification.
  2. Check the Allow Users To Turn On 2-Step Verification box.
  3. Select Enforcement -> Off.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Two step verification should now be available to the accounts in this domain.

Step Two: App Password Generation Instructions

Important: To create an app password, you need 2-Step Verification set up.

  1. Log into Gmail with the account.
  2. Click on the Icon at the top right of the page that shows your Google Account settings.
  3. Go to "Manage your Google Account".
  4. Select "Security".
  5. In the search up at the top of the page, type in "App Password"
  6. Enter a name that helps you remember where you’ll use the app password. Something like "RTS *LocationName*"
  7. Select Generate.
  8. IF YOU CLOSE THE WINDOW WITH THE PASSWORD DISPLAYED IT IS GONE FOREVER. You will need to generate a new one to replace it.
  9. The app password is the 16-character code that generates. That is the password that will need to be entered into the email settings inside of RTS.
  10. Select Done once you have documented the password so you can share it with RTS.

Inputting Email Information Into RTS

Ticketing Confirmation Email

After you set up your app password, you will need to put the information into RTS.
  1. Navigate to: File -> Options -> Communications
  2. Select "Use own email server"

  1. Here you will input your Email and Username (these will be the same).
  2. Your App Password will go into the Password field.
  3. For server address, enter:
  4. For Port, enter one of the following numbers: For SSL, enter 465 and check Use SSL. For TLS, enter 587.
  5. Most locations will just use TLS and leave Use SSL unchecked.
You can use the Test button to send a test email using the information you have input to confirm it's working.
Be sure to send it to a different email other than the one it is being sent from.

Online Gift Card Purchase Email

You will only need to follow this section if you currently use or plan to use RTS to sell Online Gift cards.
Sometimes this will already be defaulted to match your Online Ticketing Confirmation Email setup that was done above.
If not, you will need to do this to set it up as well.
  1. Navigate to: Setup -> Gift Certificates -> Online Gift Cards
  2. Select the Email tab.

  1. Just like before, follow the same steps you did for the previous email setup in this window.
  2. Here you will input your Email and Username (these will be the same).
  3. Your App Password will go into the Password field.
  4. For server address, enter:
  5. For Port, enter one of the following numbers: For SSL, enter 465 and check Use SSL. For TLS, enter 587.
  6. Most locations will just use TLS and leave Use SSL unchecked.
You can use the Test button to send a test email using the information you have input to confirm it's working.
Be sure to send it to a different email other than the one it is being sent from.

Finishing Step: Restarting The Internet Server

First, make sure you are on the RTS Server.
You can tell if you are by looking at the information shown at the top of the screen when RTS is open. 
It will say either Server or Workstation depending.
We are looking for the Server specifically.

Once you have confirmed you are on the RTS Server, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to File -> Other -> Switch To -> Internet Server -> Click on Restart Internet Server

You will get a confirmation window that pops up showing you that Sent=True.
This means that the command has been sent to do the restart and it has been positively acknowledged as successful.
What is left is a running log. This does NOT stop, so when finished you can close the window.

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