Example Websites

Example Websites

RTS and Example Websites

RTS works on the web in two main ways. RTN websites and/or 3rd Party websites.
RTN sites are sites provided with your RTS software. Your RTS server is also a web server which is one of the reasons we require port forwarding. If internet ticketing is configured, when you schedule performances they will be available for sale on your RTN page. Additionally, if you have a 3rd party website, your web developer has many options to list your showtimes on the 3rd party site. These include using API access to pull showtimes, direct linking from your site to site or using an i-Frame.


RTN Pages

API (Direct integration with existing websites):


Web App

Some locations choose to use the Web App interface instead of the RTN page. Here are examples of the web app which can be embed
Please note, the web app has additional fees. Please contact sales at 865-212-9703 ext:140 for more details

Gift Cards

RTN Gift

API (Direct integration with existing websites)


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