Downloading an RTS Demo

Downloading an RTS Demo

To download and install your RTS Demo ->

Below is your guide to walk through installing and walking through your RTS Demo. However, our Sales department is available for any questions you may have or if you'd like to schedule a tutorial. You can reach our Sales team directly by emailing us at or by calling us at 865-212-9703 EXT. 140

Demo Installation 

Once you have downloaded/installed RTS Software you will be prompted to install a demo version, select Yes.

After that, a window will appear for your computer type, select Office Computer. The demo will then finish installation.

Once your installation is complete and running this screen will pop up and ask you for a password. The password for the demo is "b" .

Selling Screen- Boxoffice

To access the selling screen after logging in simply select the Selling Screen icon at the top left and then select Station 1. This will then prompt a dual Boxoffice and Concessions selling interface.
To sell a ticket: Select your title, time and ticket type.
Then to exit, simply select Menu -> Exit Selling Screen

Selling Screen- Concessions

Select Selling Screen icon on the top left of the main page and choose Station 1. Then select the blue Conc button.
To exit select Menu -> Exit Selling Screen

Restaurant Interface/Table Service Mode

Note: Quick Service Mode is NOT Restaurant/Table Mode. This demo is STRICKTLY for Restaurant/Table Mode
To view Restaurant/Table Service Mode go select Setup -> Local Computer and choose the Restaurant tab then you will need to check off Pin Pad Login.

From there you will select Save.
Select the Selling Screen icon where you will then be prompted with a login pop-up. Choose the Key button and login using the password "b"

You will now be logged in to the Restaurant/Table Side Interface. To exit simply select Quit and when at the login screen, choose Manager and login with "b"
To disable the Pin Pad login, use the above steps and uncheck Pin Pad login.

**As mentioned above, this demo is ONLY for Restaurant/Table Side Mode, NOT for Quick service mode...

Table Side/Restaurant Mode:
This option isn't instant, it allows tabs and also has options for tipping service. This is for more of a sit down type where you can serve your customers. This option DOES require a reserved seating layout. Full seating and full restaurant mode.

Quick Service Mode:
LITE version of restaurant mode. Reserved seating is NOT required for this and it doesn't have the full seating mode like Table Side. This option does not offer tipping or allow tabs. 

If you have any questions about this or would like more information on the options above you can call RTS directly at 865-212-9703


When you want to review reporting examples in the demo just go to: Reports -> Deposit -> Total

Select View and this will load a sample report of the Closing Day Report. Please keep in mind that you can customize the report by using the true/false section on the left of the window!

If you have any questions reach out to our Sales Team at RTS by emailing us directly at: or calling us at:  865-212-9703

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