Customizing Your RTN Website

Customizing Your RTN Website

If you want to make your RTN Website customized to your liking, here is a step by step on how/what to do!

You can customize elements of your RTN Ticketing Page by editing your web files.

You can change text and add links using standard HTML on the ticketing pages and/or can add your own CSS file to control the look and feel of your site. 

Choosing a Page to Edit

Go to: Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> Edit Web Files
Choose the page you wish to edit from the drop down titles File To Edit.    For example, to customize or add CSS to your site you would choose the RTN style sheet.

Here, you will be able to change the page data and when you're done, simply select Save File.

Once you have completed these steps and saved for the changes to take full effect you will need to restart your internet server. You can do so by going to: File -> Other -> Switch To -> Internet Server
Then you will click Restart Internet Server to push your changes.

RTN Web File Descriptions

Configurable RTN Website Files
Additional scriptsJava script to be run on your RTN page
Confirm (CC) pageCredit card payment confirmation page
Online gift card style sheetCSS style sheet for the online gift card Page
Pick tickets pageTicket picker page
Pintable ticket pageAt home printable tickets page
Reserved pick pageReserved seating picker page
RTN style sheetRTN website CSS style sheet
Showtimes pageShowtime display page

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