National Cinema Day Ticket Setup Instructions

National Cinema Day Ticket Setup Instructions

National Cinema Day

Here are step by step instructions for setting up a one-day ticket for National Cinema Day.

1. Create the Price Category and Ticket

1a). Navigate to Setup > Tickets > Price.

1b). From the Setup Ticket Price Category press ADD.

1c.) A screen will pop-up prompting a new name, type in Cinema Day (or any other name you want to call it).

1d). Setup Tickets will open. Press ADD.

1e). Name your ticket.

1f). Setup Tickets will open again, and you will see your new ticket.
1g.) If you want a Pass ticket available for this, add it in the same way, just ignore the steps 1h and 1i and keep the price at zero.
1h). Add in your price, check on API access to any 3rd party you would like to sell through,
1i). Check on Enabled Internet and Enabled Web API to active online sales for the ticket.
1j). Once you have this in place, click Save and Close

2. Class Rules For The Tickets Availability

2a). Go to Setup> Tickets> Class Rules
2b). Use the Rule Name that your other tickets use, (i.e. Normal/Default), then for Price Category select Cinema Day, and there you will see the ticket that was just created.
2c). Under Rule, type 1=1, then Save. 1=1 is just a rule that tells RTS that this ticket is always available. 
2d). If you followed step 1g to make a Pass ticket available, do the same steps to turn it on as well.

3. Scheduling With The New Rule And Ticket

3a). Next go to Actions > Schedule > Showtimes New Schedule and click the date you need.
3b). Schedule your movies as normal, then go into the Edit Movie Screen by either double clicking the showtime or right clicking and selecting Edit.
3c). Select your Ticket Class Rule, this should be your regular Rule that we used in Section 2 (i.e. Normal/Default).
3d). Using the drop down  menu under Price, choose Cinema Day, and your new ticket will be selected.

4. Restarting The Internet Server

In order to update these changes online more immediately, you can follow these steps.
Once you have scheduled all of the shows, ON THE SERVER, go to File > Other > Switch To > Internet Server and then select Restart Internet Server.

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