The latest version of the documentation can be accessed from the following Google Drive: Google Drive


As with all RTS API interfaces there are costs involved at the location level. Please contact sales for more information. There is no cost to develop using our test servers.

Developer ID

You will need a developer ID to process transactions. Our test servers will accept the RTS developer ID info that is included in the sample request packets. Please include one or more valid email addresses, in your requests.
Before requesting a developer id please verify that you have a working implementation using our test servers.
To obtain a developer ID please send an email to support@rts-solutions.com, include your company name and contact information.

Security And Packet Format

Communication is secured using TLS. Packet format is standard REST calls.


Authentication is HTTP Basic Authentication. User names and passwords are controlled by the individual locations.
RTS does not have access nor will be adding access to customer sites. Our test servers are already pre-configured with a User Name/Password of test/test.

Test Servers

We maintain multiple test servers which allow transaction processing via different credit card systems.

Avs Result Codes

The test Heartland credit card account always return a result code of 0. This is a limitation of Heartland test credit card accounts.
The test WorldPay credit card account always returns AVS match. This is a limitation of WorldPay test credit card accounts.

Live customer transactions will return a code from the table below.

AAStreet match, failed postal
NNFailed postal and street
RRAVS service not responding - Retry
USAVS not supported
ZW / ZPostal match, failed street
Y / M / XX / YAddress and postal match
G or IAddress not verified for international transactions
BAddress match, postal not verified due to incompatible format (international address)
CAddress and postal not verified due to incompatible format (international address)
DAddress and postal match (international address)
PPostal match and address not verified due to incompatible format (international address)
UNo data from AVS auth system
EEAVS not supported or error retrieving AVS data

WorldPay Hosted CVV Result Codes

CodeResultRecommended ActionNotes
MMatchAccept Card
NNo MatchDecline CardIncorrect Value
PNot ProcessedDecline Card
UNot SupportedDecline CardVerification service is not available or card issuer does not support


Q: How do I?

A: First check the postman samples. Questions should be emailed to api2questions@rts-solutions.com

Q: Why are no available ticket returned for reserved performances?

A: Due to per seat ticket availability, reserved seating performance return available tickets in the seat chart request.

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